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Adoption is the statutory process whereby an adult becomes the legal parent of a child.  The cost and difficulty is directly dependent upon whether the consents of the natural parents are obtainable.

Under Indiana Statute 31-19-9-8 (2) consent of a natural parent to adoption is not required and may be found not required by a court after hearing if a natural parent for a period of one year:

1)      fails without justifiable cause to communicate significantly with the child; or

            2)      knowingly fails to provide for care and support when able to do so required by law or judicial decree.

Adoption can be done for children born in this state, another state, or another country.  Again, the amount of work determines the amount of attorney fees.

Current costs are:

Adoption Fees

Filing Fee

Welfare Dept. (report/home study)

Indiana Board of Health $20 and $50



Publication (if needed)


  500  (if a stepparent; $200) (if a relative; $500, if a non-relative)




$  39


Attorney fees

Conference and Information collection time


Preparation of:

a)     Petition For Adoption and Order

b)     Summons

c)     Consents of natural parents

d)     Termination of natural parentsí parental rights without consent, if necessary

e)     Notice by Publication, if necessary


Final Hearing

                                                   $_____     Dependent upon work involved


            TOTAL                          $_____     Add the above


We will be happy to work out a payment plan for you over the usual approximately five-month process.

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