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Contracts are a written meeting of the minds of folks stating an agreement with benefits flowing both ways.  There has to be some money or promise exchanged and behind the agreement for it to be binding.  For example, if George should say to John I’ll give you $1,000 on Friday, this is nonbinding, unenforceable.  There is only a one-way flow of benefits ($1,000 to John).  If George says I’ll pay you $1,000 for the used car on Friday, and the agreement is reduced to writing, there is a two-way flow of benefits (car to George, $1,000 to John) and the agreement is binding


I would be happy to prepare for you your contracts.  A partial list of contracts I prepare is listed below:

“AS IS” Sale Agreements

Agency contracts

Antenuptial Agreements (Premarital Agreements)

Asset Sale Agreements

Business Buy/Sell Agreements

Construction Contracts (buildings, roads, shelters, fences, wells, pipelines, leach fields, and septic systems)

Crop contracts

Employment Agreements

Farming contracts

Franchise Agreements

Hold Harmless Agreements

Home Improvement Contracts

Incorporation Agreements (For Profit and Not for Profit)

Indemnity Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Installment Sale Agreements

Liability Agreements

Lien Agreements

Limited Liability Company Agreements

Limited Liability Partnership Agreements


Management Contracts

Mining and Mineral Rights Contracts

Motor Vehicle Buy/Sell Agreements

Non-compete Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements

Real Estate – Auction Sale Agreements

Real Estate – Easements

Real Estate – First and second mortgages

Real Estate – Leases

Real Estate – Mutual Driveway Maintenance Agreements

Real Estate – Mutual Wall Maintenance Agreements

Real Estate – Oil and Gas Leases

Real Estate – Options to Purchase

Real Estate – Purchase Agreements

Real Estate – Tower Leases

Rental/Purchase Agreements

Repair Agreements

Sale of goods

Security Agreements

Settlement Agreements (of disputes)

Shipment Contracts

Stock Sale Agreements

Storage Agreements

Timber contracts

Warranty Agreements


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