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From shopping centers to fixer-uppers, from manufacturing facilities to small retail stores, from subdivision plats to building your own log cabin, I would be delighted to assist you with your real estate legal work.


If you need any of the following:

1.      Offers to Purchase (Contracts):

         a.   Residential

         b.   Commercial

         c.   Manufacturing

         d.   Agricultural

         e.   Installment sales for each of the above

         f.    Sale and Leaseback

2.      Leases (rental agreements)

         a.   Residential

         b.   Commercial

         c.   Manufacturing

         d.   Agricultural

         e.   Minerals, oil

3.      Subdivision platting and Restrictive Covenants

4.      Easements and Rights of Way

         a.   Waterline, gas line, pipeline

         b.   Well (multiple users)

         c.   Sewer

         d.   Road

5.      Mutual Usages

         a.   Wall

         b.   Road, driveways

         c.   Well

         d.   Common areas

6.      Mortgages

         a.   First

         b.   Second

         c.   Promissory Notes

         d.   Foreclosures

7.      Mechanics Liens

         a.   preparing and Recording

         b.   Defending and Removing

8.      Condemnation by Governmental Entities

         a.   Defending against and trials

9.      Quiet Title Actions

         a.   Preparing and petitioning for

         b.   Defending and objecting to.

 10.      Deeds (Indiana, Ohio, and Arizona)

            a.   Warranty

            b.   Quitclaim

            c.   Life Estate

            d    Joint tenants with rights of survivorship

            e.   Corporate, LLC’s, LLP’s, Partnership

            f.    Trust, Guardian, Estate

 11.      Limited Power of Attorney to Convey Real Estate

 12.      Real Estate Closings

            a.   Review Title Policy Report

            b.   Determine marketability of title

            c.   Identify, and if possible, remove liens and encumbrances

            d.   Prepare and examine needed written instruments

            e.   Obtain information for and prepare closing statement

            f.    Record and file necessary instruments

 13.      Landlord-Tenant Suits

            a.   Lockout Statute 32-7-8-8

            b.   Security Deposit Statute

            c.   Action for Possession 34-21-1-1

            d.   Robinson v. Vallaclares 738NE2d278 (Ind. App. 2000)

                  1)      landlord may not change locks and deny tenant access to dwelling unit

2)      landlord has no lien or claim on personal property of tenant


I have experience with each of the above and would be delighted to assist you.


Interested in a barely developed subdivision (dirt roads) in the rugged but beautiful land of Cochise and Geronimo in the southeast corner of Arizona, the high desert country five miles north of Douglas, Arizona, and Mexico?  I enjoy part-time a second home there.  Land is still relatively inexpensive.  See link below for 129 lots my Trust has for sale and additional information.

Arizona Property


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